How To Deal With Weighty Expectations

Lowering your expectations can help you lose weight.  How? Consider the example of Robert.   He really wanted to go to grad school, but the idea of the interview process filled him with anxiety.   Robert found statistics surveys showing a bias against overweight people, and was convinced that his weight prevented him from being accepted into a program. He kept saying …

Think It’s Bad To Eat Pizza?

Do you think pizza is bad?  Do you feel guilty if you eat pizza or other forbidden foods?  If so, I’d like to to tell you about a friend of mine, Amy, who’s been on a lot of diets. I mean, a lot. Every diet from cabbage soup to South Beach to Cookie to Paleo.  She just told me she’d …

stop dieting start living

Stop Dieting, Start Living


Is it difficult for you to relax? If you have a hard time chilling out, maybe you’re using food to avoid uncomfortable thoughts or feelings. Or maybe eating gives you something to do. In this episode, Dr. Nina identifies how the “human doing” mentality keeps people on a cycle of staying busy and dieting. When you are a “human being” you’re less likely to use food for relaxation or distraction.