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3 Tips To Accept Yourself – Fast!

I’m puppy-sitting a very adorable dog named Rosey (and yes, that’s the way her name is spelled – some people have told me that it’s spelled wrong but this is the way her “people” spell her name). A rose by any other name, right?  Well, Rosey can teach all of us about self-acceptance.   How? For one thing, Rosey does …

Such A Pretty Face

Can you relate to Willow?  She’s in her late 20s, very personable, smart, creative – just a truly nice person, and she has struggled with her weight since high school. People always tell her she has “such a pretty face” and if she just lost weight, she’d be fighting off the guys.  Her grandmother said, “If you lost weight, men …

stop dieting start living

Stop Dieting, Start Living


Is it difficult for you to relax? If you have a hard time chilling out, maybe you’re using food to avoid uncomfortable thoughts or feelings. Or maybe eating gives you something to do. In this episode, Dr. Nina identifies how the “human doing” mentality keeps people on a cycle of staying busy and dieting. When you are a “human being” you’re less likely to use food for relaxation or distraction.