Find lasting freedom from binge eating, body shame, and diets that don't work!

Imagine loving your body and your life - FREE from body shame, bingeing, and diets that don’t work!

Body confidence, diet-free weight loss, and healthy food habits can be your new life – let me show you how! 

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We eat every day.

It’s a simple fact of life for some, but for others it’s a living nightmare.

I remember losing sleep, feeling powerless and being angry because food was

dominating every minute of my life and completely controlling how I felt about myself.

After years of struggling with binge eating and who I saw in the mirror, I wanted a change

in my life more than anything, but didn’t have a clue where to start.

And, I’m sure that’s where you are right now.

You’re ready for a transformation, and realize there’s more to life than struggling

with your body, and obsessing over food. 

You have what it takes to be the best version of yourself: a confident woman in control

of her own life who looks good, feels good, and no longer stresses about food

If your eating habits have been robbing you of freedom, happiness and peace of mind,

you’re in the right place. Make the decision today to say enough.

By healing from within, we can rewrite your relationship with food forever.

Are you ready?


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Struggling with food shouldn’t be a secret or a shame; millions of people from all walks of life fight battles with food each day. In our Food For Thought Community, you’ll be able to connect with other like-minded women, ask questions, and gain valuable insight from others who are on their journey to newfound happiness and confidence.


Take Back Control

Has food consumed your thoughts and stolen your power? In my bestselling book, The Binge Cure, you can find relatable yet expert information to help you better understand emotional eating, stop bingeing, and lose weight the healthy way.

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The Dr. Nina Show is a call-in radio show created to help women just like you debunk the myths of dieting and learn the true keys to sustainable, permanent weight loss. I’ll help you overcome misconceptions about food through shared secrets of my own and candid advice on how you can be your best self, your own way. Have a burning question you need answered? Call in live!

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“I’ve learned so much about why I have always used food to make myself feel better. I didn’t realize how many years of my life that my weight fluctuations were about the people in my life. So much has been eating at me my entire life and I am finally learning where it all started. Dr. Nina’s Binge-Free Babes Program is a priceless group and I would recommend it to all!!!” 

- Robin Perkowsky

Hey, I’m Dr. Nina!

I’ve dedicated my life to helping women conquer food and body image issues once and for all. My specialty is helping you overcome binge eating from the inside.

What makes my expertise different is that I’ve been where you are: I’ve faced the same failure with diets, the same struggle with being ‘good’ and not eating that snack, and the same habit of counting calories every waking minute of the day. I know what it’s like to be hard on yourself nonstop, and look into the mirror and feel nothing but shame.

My liberation, confidence, and happiness came when I started being kinder to myself and more aware of the emotional triggers that spurred my eating and negative thinking, and I’ve spent my career helping women just like you find the same freedom.

I’ve been called a thought leader, but what brings me the most joy is being a hope instiller. Your time is now, and I can't wait to help you quit binge eating once and for all.

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