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3 Tips To Accept Yourself – Fast!

I’m puppy-sitting a very adorable dog named Rosey (and yes, that’s the way her name is spelled – some people have told me that it’s spelled wrong but this is the way her “people” spell her name). A rose by any other name, right?  Well, Rosey can teach all of us about self-acceptance.   How? For one thing, Rosey does …

Think It’s Bad To Eat Pizza?

Do you think pizza is bad?  Do you feel guilty if you eat pizza or other forbidden foods?  If so, I’d like to to tell you about a friend of mine, Amy, who’s been on a lot of diets. I mean, a lot. Every diet from cabbage soup to South Beach to Cookie to Paleo.  She just told me she’d …

weigh your words skip the scale

Weigh Your Words (skip the scale)


When you’re upset, do you tell yourself to look on the bright side? If so, you may be making things worse instead of better. In this episode, Dr. Nina explains the ways you may be dismissing yourself and offers suggestions on how to respond differently to yourself and how to tolerate difficult emotions.