3 Ways To Stop Overeating

21-ThreeWaystoStopOvereatingWhatever is going on with food is NOT about willpower. Overeating is a “symptom” of the problem; it’s not true real problem – even though it feels like it's “the” problem.

In this episode, Dr. Nina provides guidance and solutions on how to stop overeating in three specific problem situations.

Remember, you’re not a food addict, you don’t lack willpower, and there’s nothing wrong with you. Overeating is a way of coping with difficult and/or painful situations. It’s a way of helping yourself that ends up hurting more than it helps.

Overeating stops when you identify and process the underlying emotions and conflicts that cause problems, and when you relate to yourself in a new way. After all, when you can feel your feelings, you don't need distraction from them. And that’s how you win the diet war.