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Binge-Free Babes

The Binge-Free Babes Program is an affordable, signature hybrid-group coaching program for women who struggle with bingeing, weight loss, and body image issues. If you want to jumpstart your transformation to loving your body and life, this program is for you. The Binge-Free Babe program is designed to help you make notable progress in a shorter timeframe through easy-to-follow, step-by-step action plans and assisted weekly coaching from myself and co-creator, Kelley Gunter. The results are real, and the lifelong reward is yours for the taking.

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Diet-Free Divas Program

The Diet-Free Divas Mastermind is a group coaching program designed to help you beat binge eating for good. This program was designed to provide you with ALL the tools, resources, and support you need to help you finally lose weight, create a healthy relationship with food, and love the way you look and feel without having to go on another diet. When you join the Kick the Diet Habit online program you get a month of Divas membership for FREE!

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Inner Circle

Want something more exclusive and private than the Diet-Free Diva Program? I offer a 12-week personalized coaching where you’ll get my undivided attention. You’ll receive twelve private sessions with me, along with all formats of my latest book, The Binge Cure, and tailored advice to help in your unique problem areas. This is more than a program; it’s a partnership.

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Kick The Diet Habit Program

Kick the Diet Habit is an online program you can do in the privacy of your home at your pace. With this 30 day program, you'll learn to crack the code to emotional eating for good!

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