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chronic pain & binge eating disorder

Finding Relief from Chronic Pain & Binge Eating

Overcome chronic pain & binge eating with expert tips & resources. Improve physical & mental health with simple, impactful changes.

Feeling bad about food? Here's how to express your emotions

Learn how to prevent binge eating and healthily deal with difficult situations by understanding how to express your emotions.

The Power of Words: How to Protect Yourself From Negative Self-Talk

It is easy to get caught up in the power of words—both those spoken by others and to ourselves—but there are ways we can protect ourselves against them.

5 secrets to feeling good and looking good (even if you don’t like your body)

Changing the way you dress really can change the way you feel about yourself (anyone who ever watched the TV show What NOT To Wear knows what I mean).


How to Actually Feel Your Emotions [Podcast]

You likely already know there’s a link between emotions and binge eating (that’s why it’s called “emotional” eating). To stop bingeing...

How to Be Nicer to Yourself [Podcast]

We’ve all heard the phrase, Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. That’s wrong. Words do hurt and they cause...

How to Dress for Your Body [Podcast]

In this episode, guest Michelle Leblanc, founder of Outer Health, a style consulting business based in psychology shares many tips on how...

What drives your binge eating? [Podcast]

Is your relationship with food driving you crazy? If you want to have more control, feel confident and happy in your body, and get back to...

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Here's your solution to get through the holidays without gaining weight or without losing your peace of mind.

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If you’re a woman struggling with binge eating, this is for you!

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