Sugar detox and sugar addiction [Podcast]

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Sugar detox and sugar addiction [Podcast]

What’s the truth about sugar addiction? Today I share what sugar addiction is and isn’t, and give new strategies to cope with those sugar cravings. Nicole calls with a question about dealing with cross-addictions and drinking wine. Karlygash calls to explore the whole within her soul when it comes to her mother. Don't miss this personal, helpful, inspirational show!


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  1. Hello, Dr. Nina!
    Bingeing has been an ongoing problem for me for years. Today I had another episode of bingeing and realized that it’s finally time I got good and lasting help. I’m so thankful that you understand this more than I do, and that you’ve put all this work into helping so many people. I am definitely hoping to be one of those people now!
    Many thanks, Dr. Nina.

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