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How would you like your life transformed in just 12 weeks?

If you’re looking for a more hands-on approach, this is for you.

I will personally coach you to help you never worry about obsessing over food again, AND successfully lose weight without counting calories, carbs, or fat grams.

The Inner Circle is perfect for the woman who values exclusivity, access, and a customized approach to beating binge-eating for good.

While my group programs are more affordable, I’m confident that working with me 1 on 1 will get you better results, faster.

If you’re ready for personal support from me while on your journey, and a step-by-step action plan to help you live the life you deserve without worrying about food all the time, or your weight, keep reading and complete the application below to see if you’re a good fit.

I only work with 4 women at any given time, and I’d love for you to be my next success story.

By healing from within, we can rewrite your relationship with food forever.

Are you ready?


Here’s What’s Included

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(12) 50-minute weekly personalized sessions with me.

Get the instant support, feedback and guidance you want and need to transform your life. There’s nothing better than having direct access to an expert who can answer all of your questions.

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A specific plan customized just for you.

Get all the clarity you need to overcome your challenges with food, and address the HIDDEN triggers that hold you back, so you can break free from binge eating without ever worrying about willpower, dieting or going to the gym.
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Lifetime access to my KICK THE DIET HABIT online program. (Value $990)

“Kick the Diet Habit” is my signature DIY course for learning the hidden reasons that are causing your food and weight issues. You can watch all of the lessons from the comfort of your home or listen to the audio versions on the go.
The Binge Cure Book

All formats (paperback, ebook and audiobook) of my newest book The Binge Cure: 7 Steps to Outsmart Emotional Eating.

As a member of the Inner Circle program, you’ll get a FREE copy of my best-selling book, as you’ll learn the 7 steps to ditching diets and end binge eating, stress eating, and emotional eating – for good!

What the members say about the programs

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Only 4 women are accepted at any given time.
Apply Below To See If You’re A Good Fit.

Please be aware that I am very protective of my time which is why I'm selective with who I choose to work with. Do NOT apply if you're not in a financial position to invest in transforming your life now.

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This is for anyone who is currently emotionally struggling and wants to make a real, long-lasting change in their life by getting direct help, following proven action steps, and connecting with others for invaluable loving support. It’s for anyone who wants to:
  • Better control their eating habits
  • Drastically improve self-care and self-worth
  • End their weight-related struggles
  • Stop stress/binge/emotional eating
  • Learn how to cope with fear & uncertainty
  • Better help deal with (or even eliminate) their anxiety
  • Stop feeling so lonely all time
  • Have people who actually enjoy their presence
  • Heal trauma of the past
  • Get over their frustrated feelings of helplessness
  • Figure out why they’re depressed
  • Stop feeling sad
  • Feel confident around family, friends, and coworkers
  • Stop feeling guilty about every bite they eat
  • Develop new healthy eating habits
  • Be comfortable taking photos (and seeing photos of themselves)
  • Raise their kids with a different mindset around food and body image
  • Stop the shame and the “food addiction”
  • Get sustainable and long-lasting motivation
  • Learn how to have better personal relationships
  • Prioritize themselves and their own wellbeing for once in their life
  • Deal with what’s eating at them
  • Have someone guiding them every step of the way
  • Eat only when hungry
  • Finally figure out and let go off the thing holding them back
  • Enjoy their life without giving food a second thought
  • Have the total freedom to think about other things in their life
  • Attain peace, joy, and… happiness