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    The Binge Cure: 7 Steps To Outsmart Emotional Eating

    Do you feel powerless over food? Are you tired of obsessing over every single bite? Learn how to crack the code of emotional eating, identify your hidden binge triggers, and create permanent, sustainable weight loss with the effective strategies in The Binge Cure. Now you can finally break through your emotional hunger to satisfy your real cravings, truly comfort yourself–without food–and break the binge-diet cycle once and for all.

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    A guide to end failure
    By Andrea Kobliner on September 14, 2019
    Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
    I, like millions of others, have a long history of diet failures, binge eating and chronic frustration with my inability to control my dysfunctional eating habits. This is the first book I have ever read that makes sense of this yo-yo dieting madness. After reading Dr. Nina's book I truly understand why I have failed, and how now to succeed in meeting my health and image goals. This is not just another fad diet book. Instead, it is an exemplary guidebook that takes us on a journey to explore our perceptions, feelings, emotions and behaviors that drive destructive eating habits. The poignant patient examples, along with Dr. Nina's compassion, proven strategies and exercises will definitely help readers, once and for all, stop failing and find peace with themselves and food.
    The cure is here!
    By Drea B. on August 8, 2019
    Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
    Finally! A book for mainstream readers who struggle with emotional eating, all thanks to Dr. Nina. She has created a guide and resource that will help you identify why you turn to food, tools and exercises to uncover what you are really craving in life (Spoiler alert: It’s not ice cream or pizza!), and strategies to break free from whatever is keeping you stuck once and for all -- whether it’s preoccupation of food, dieting, bingeing, self-sabotage, or a vicious cycle. Not only does Dr. Nina’s invaluable expertise come through, but so does her compassion. Reading through how she has helped so many people have a happier and healthier relationship to themselves and to food, offers hope and the knowledge that it really is possible. Dr. Nina makes you feel like you have someone on your side and in your corner as you journey through the pages to truly living your best life.
    A truly important book
    By Luminist on August 20, 2019
    Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
    I initially decided to buy this book because I listen to Dr. Nina's radio show whenever possible, and her philosophy and suggestions always resonate with me and with members of my family in immediate need of her advice and encouragement - attributes that, frankly, are in short supply in the world, but are really plentiful on these pages. She says it's not what you're eating that's the real problem, it's what's eating at you. What makes The Binge Cure different from other books I've read on the topic is that she identifies the "hidden" reasons you might be eating. Her focus, for both diagnosis and ongoing help, is not just dealing with the obvious ones you know. She helps you dig deep and focus on why you're eating. She puts feelings (the underlying root of the disorders and painful emotions she helps her listeners/patients, followers with), not on food. I can relate to a lot of the examples of people she's worked with. The book is a fast, informative, helpful read. Just like on her show, Dr. Nina is relatable and caring as she explains the process of change and she also gives action steps to implement. Powerful stuff, and helpful.
    Dr. Nina is so helpful!!
    By Nikki on August 27, 2019
    Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
    Reading this book is like listening to Dr. Nina on her radio show. She's warm and compassionate, and sometimes funny. I was nodding a lot as I was reading it because it makes so much sense. Not only does she help you think differently, but she also gives you actual strategies of what to do when the urge to binge or overeat strikes. Dr. Nina helps you understand WHY you're eating, instead of focusing on food. So many of those "why" reasons have to do with hidden or unconscious ideas or emotions, which I never thought about before yet it really makes sense. I love Dr. Nina's radio show and I love this book. Definitely check it out!
    Read this if you think you're a food addict!
    By Jennifer Karl on August 30, 2019
    Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
    I got this book because a good friend said she's a food addict and I wanted to understand more about it so I could help. I learned there's actually no such thing as food addiction (eating addiction maybe) and even if you feel like an addict, there's something more going on. I'm giving The Binge Cure to my friend because it's going to help her so much!! The author makes it clear that if food is a problem, it means something else is going on ("It's not what you're eating that's the real problem, it's what's eating at you") and then helps you figure out what it is, and what to do about it. This is an eye-opening book and well-written. It's going to be life-changing for my friend!
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    Unique and Helpful
    By Arthur Asa Berger on September 8, 2019
    Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
    The Binge Cure is extremely helpful for anyone struggling with a difficult relationship to food. Dr. Savelle-Rocklin provides unique strategies to resolve binge eating, stress eating or emotional eating. Her solutions are different from others in that they address the root, underlying causes of these problems. Consistent with her previous books, her writing style is engaging, compassionate and informative. I recommend this book to anyone with eating problems.
    A forever book
    By Amazon Customer on September 20, 2019
    Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
    There are so many things I appreciated about “The Binge Cure”. I loved its clarity, the way the information was organized, and it was especially nice to have the material delivered in such an encouraging and supportive fashion.
    This is the kind of book you want to keep around forever for those times when you need to be reminded of just how able you are to live your best life.

    Helpful in many ways.
    By Amazon Customer on September 10, 2019
    Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
    I got this for a family member with binge eating disorder and I took a look at it first. So glad I did because I learned so much about my own relationship to food. I’m never dieting again! Thank you, Dr. Nina. Love her podcast, love the book.
    Comprehensive, fresh, easy-read!
    By Tenley Prince on September 29, 2019
    Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
    I have a Masters in Nutrition with a sub specialty in eating disorders. I am finally getting back in to the nutrition therapy field after taking many years off after having kids. I wanted to brush up on some more current resources and came across this book. It did not disappoint. Savelle-Rocklin has written a comprehensive, fresh, easy-read that is great for all readers that want support with their relationship with food. Thank you Savelle-Rocklin!
    Lots of new ideas!
    By sammi816 on September 18, 2019
    Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
    I have a Masters in Nutrition with a sub specialty in eating disorders. I am finally getting back in to the nutrition therapy field after taking many years off after having kids. I wanted to brush up on some more current resources and came across this book. It did not disappoint. Savelle-Rocklin has written a comprehensive, fresh, easy-read that is great for all readers that want support with their relationship with food. Thank you Savelle-Rocklin!
    This book will change your life
    By Kelley Gunter on September 30, 2019
    Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
    This book has everything in it that I wish I could have learned 30 years ago….how different my life could have been. Nina Savelle-Rocklin has packed this book full of the knowledge needed to literally change your entire life. If you are a person who suffers because of your relationship with food, then this is the book for you. Reading this book causes you to explore the feelings you have regarding food and to identify the emotions that have caused you to reach for something tasty. Forget about diets and the scale. This book will help you to see that each time you reach for food it’s really about what’s going on inside of you. Nina walks you through the emotional connections to food and gives you case examples of her actual patients and how they learned to have a healthy relationship with food and how that allowed them to never diet again. Truly this book will allow you to make peace with food and yourself and to never, NEVER have to diet again. Once you read this book, you will wish you had read it years ago. Fabulous read. I loved it. I recommend it to everyone.
    Insightful, reassuring, and empowering read
    By LA on October 1, 2019
    Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
    If you’ve ever struggled with emotional eating or binge eating, this book offers invaluable insights that really do help. So often we try this diet or that diet, only to regain the weight and feel worse about ourselves than we did before the diet. But this book helps you to understand when emotional triggers are causing you to mindlessly consume an entire bag of chips or carton of ice cream. And there is no judgment. Dr. Nina empathizes and helps explain why food can be so powerful as a means for soothing our emotional hunger and how to break free from it. I found it especially fascinating to learn about how certain types of foods correlate with certain emotions, or what she calls “the food-mood formula.” And I found that the times I felt angry, I did in fact reach for those crunchy foods, whereas when I felt in need of comfort, I wanted ice cream. It also helped me notice how mean my inner critic can be and the fears that could be sabotaging my success. I highly recommend this book if you struggle with emotional eating.
    No diets necessary! The binge cycle stops here!
    By Amazon Customer on October 3, 2019
    Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
    The Binge Cure is a gift that keeps on giving!! Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin truly gets underneath the roots of binge eating, and offers readers ways to stop the binge cycle and nourish and grow into beautiful and purposeful human beings by gaining a greater understanding of how their behaviors have protected and served them in the past. As an Eating Disorder therapist, I am able to take these gifts and share them with my clients. Not only is this book a quick read, but it is extremely educational, meaningful, and one which you want to read over and over. I am beyond grateful for this book! Kim Melcon, LMFT.
    Very well written and easy to read.
    By Irina Logra on October 1, 2019
    Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
    On top of all the great advice that Nina give us in this book, she took the time to make the book fun, engaging and very easy to read. Thank you, Dr.Nina for taking such great care of us!

    Do you want to get to the root of why you binge and ditch dieting forever?


    Dr. Nina’s proven program is now available in a book that can help you conquer the binge-diet cycle once and for all.

    Do you often lose control over food? Do you vow to be “good” and stick to your diet but then sabotage your weight-loss efforts by eating one of your forbidden foods (pizza, chips, ice cream, or anything with an actual carb)? Do you have two different sets of clothes in your closet—one for the size you are and one for the size you want to be? Are you tired of obsessing over every bite?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not broken, weak, or a failure; you’re just stuck. And it has nothing to do with willpower or being addicted to food. The Binge Cure will teach you exactly how to create permanent, sustainable weight loss—no dieting necessary! Finally, Dr. Nina is sharing the successful tools she has used in her private practice and online programs to help thousands of people heal their relationship with food. Learn how to crack the code of emotional eating, identify your binge triggers, express your feelings, and make lasting changes with powerful strategies that will help you stop bingeing, lose weight, and gain health.

    Discover which emotions you are feeling based on the types of foods you are bingeing with The Food-Mood Formula. Are you diving into a bag of chips because you are secretly angry at your mother? Or are you filling that empty space inside with a giant bowl of pasta? Your chosen foods often provide important clues about your hidden emotions. Are you feeling anger, sadness, anxiety, guilt, shame, or loneliness? If you mindlessly overeat to manage deeper, intolerable feelings, then you need to investigate what’s leading you toward food, rather than fixating on what you’re eating. There’s only one way to get rid of the uncomfortable feelings you are trying to avoid: to feel them. Filled with illuminating case examples and concrete exercises, The Binge Cure will help you break through your emotional hunger to satisfy your real cravings and learn how to truly comfort yourself—without food.

    It’s time to ditch your inner critic, lose the fat talk, and be a real friend to yourself. Instead of focusing on what you weigh, focus on what’s weighing on you. If something is bothering you, you can’t starve it away or stuff it down—and you cannot measure your true value on a bathroom scale. When you feel, you will heal.

    Get ready to break the diet habit and make peace with food—and yourself.

    This book is THE BIBLE on how to pry yourself off the scale and out of the never-ending cycle of yo-yo dieting, food obsession, and confusing your life goals with your weight goals.

    Dr. Nina tackles the tough questions and the complicated issues surrounding food, emotional eating, and physical well-being. And her solutions are sensible and based on real case studies, her guidance indispensable. This book is a keeper.

    — Iris Ruth Pastor, author of The Secret Life of a Weight-Obsessed Woman: Wisdom to Live the Life You Crave

    As a seasoned psychoanalyst with great experience in these matters, Dr. Savelle-Rocklin enables readers to understand, and master, the real causes of their compulsive eating.

    By looking beyond the surface of what you eat to why you eat, she brings clarity to this very misunderstood area.

    — Lance Dodes, MD, assistant clinical professor of psychiatry (retired), Harvard Medical School; author of The Heart of Addiction, Breaking Addiction, and The Sober Truth.

    Listeners to Dr. Nina’s weekly program on L.A. Talk Radio know that she focuses on what’s eating ‘at’ you instead of on what you’re eating. In this book she brings wisdom, knowledge, and compassion to help readers understand and change their emotional eating habits.

    The Binge Cure is a must-read for anyone who craves a healthier, happier relationship to themselves.

    — Craig Ramsay, celebrity trainer and fitness expert, author of Anatomy of Stretching

    Dr. Nina hits an emotional bull’s-eye zeroing in on the unmistakable truth behind the reality of binge eating and its successful treatment in The Binge Cure.

    This game-changing book provides a road map to assist readers in identifying the pain that fuels the fury of so-called food addiction and learning to recognize the relationship between the foods one reaches for and the circumstances under which they’re reaching.

    Full of exercises that accompany case examples of patients from her thriving private practice—patients who have achieved success utilizing her methods—Dr. Nina provides a much-needed solution to the epidemic of eating disorders that are consuming society.

    Brilliantly written with the compassionate voice of someone who has triumphed in the battlefield herself, The Binge Cure provides the truth of why diets will never work and arms the reader with the knowledge necessary to successfully navigate that pain and rise above it.

    — Kelley Gunter, author of You Have Such a Pretty Face

    The Binge Cure outlines practical tips and techniques to make peace with food and your body.

    Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin is a renowned expert on the issue and provides critical insight to overcome emotional overeating, stop dieting, and live the physically and emotionally healthy life that you deserve!

    — Jacquelyn Ekern, MS, LPC, president at Weight Hope, Addiction Hope, and Eating Disorder Hope

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