Loneliness & Binge Eating [Podcast]

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Loneliness & Binge Eating [Podcast]

Millions of people battle binge eating every day. But what many of them don’t realize is that binge eating and loneliness often go hand in hand.

Does loneliness lead to binge eating? Or is it the other way around?

In today’s show, I talk about how to combat both loneliness and binge eating. I share strategies on how to:

⭐️ Deal with social anxiety
⭐️ Turn loneliness into solitude
⭐️ Stop eating when you’re full
⭐️ Connect with people you like

And more.

Be sure to check out this helpful episode.


 The Author


Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin is a psychoanalyst, author and radio host specializing in binge eating disorder. She is the author of The Binge Cure: 7 Steps to Outsmart Emotional Eating and Food for Thought: Perspectives on Eating Disorders, and co-editor of Beyond the Primal Addiction. She hosts The Dr. Nina Show radio program on LA Talk Radio.

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