4 mindset hacks that will change your life

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What do you see in the picture below? 

Two people in profile?

Or a vase?

Isn’t it interesting how we can see the same thing two totally different ways?  

The same concept applies to the way you view yourself and your life, including your relationship with food.

A different perspective can make a huge difference.

Think about the way you talk to yourself.

Ever say anything like this…

This is way too hard for me.
People will judge me 
I’m worried about what people will think
I’m a failure because that didn’t work out
I’ll never be able to do this
I can’t believe I ate the whole thing

Let’s tweak that point of view:

Instead of thinking, This is way too hard for me

I’m capable of meeting new challenges!

Instead of, People will judge me and they won’t like me

My value isn’t based on what other people think

Instead of, I’m a failure because things didn’t work out

I’ve accomplished a lot and I focus on areas where I succeed

Instead of, I’ll never be able to do this

I’ll take it one step at a time and do my best

Instead of thinking, I can’t believe I ate the whole thing. I’m disgusting

I’m focusing on WHY I ate, instead of WHAT that I ate. Clearly something is eating “at” me and I want to know what it is!

When you change your mindset, you change how you feel. When you feel good, you stop eating for comfort and start enjoying your life!

Which of these are you going to try first? Drop a comment below!