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The truth about intermittent fasting [Podcast]

I share several reasons why intermittent fasting is a diet fad and not a long-term lifestyle choice, and why it actually backfires in terms of...

Bingeing is not about food [Podcast]

I talk about the mind-body connection and how our minds can communicate through our bodies, and how that relates with food...

Trying to stop bingeing? [Podcast]

If you’re trying to stop bingeing, stop gaining weight, stop procrastinating, or stop anything… Maybe you’re trying too hard.
what to do after a binge

What to do after a binge

If you’ve ever wondered what to do after a binge, you’re already taking a crucial step toward change. Let’s do a quick overview and I’ll go into each one.

What's weighing on you? [Podcast]

I share the real reasons we turn to food. Spoiler alert: It’s not about control. It’s not about willpower. It’s not even about food...

Why we binge eat [Podcast]

Today I talk about the different ways that bingeing can help other than comforting us. It can express a wish for more...

Why food addiction isn't real [Podcast]

Today I cover some reasons why food addiction is a fallacy, even if it “feels” real. Josh calls with questions about food and relationship...
how to help someone with binge eating disorder

How to Help Someone with Binge Eating Disorder

There are no quick or easy solutions to help someone who’s struggling with a binge eating disorder. Here are some suggestions for what to do.

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