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Intuitive eating, masks, dogs & Freud

I share how treating yourself like a dog leads to happiness and weight loss. Brian calls to ask how to deal with emotions during a pandemic and how to deal with people who don’t wear masks. Josh shares how helpful psychoanalysis has been to him and Kyleen asks how to deal with loss. I also share my thoughts on intuitive eating and answer other questions from listeners

Insomnia, Self-Care & Babyish Mothers

I share my thoughts on the psychological reasons for Sharon's insomnia, talk with Kristina about how to deal with retraumatization, and explore the puzzling case of Jenny's mother. Plus, I answer questions from members of my Dr. Nina's "Food for Thought" Facebook community.

Big thighs, scared boy & taking care of mom

Today I talk about my own story and history of eating disorder recovery. Josh calls to explore how his experience as a child impacted his relationship with food. Karlygash realizes she’s taking care of her mother instead of herself, and we look at how that impacts what she’s eating.

10 ways to feel better about your body – even if you’re not at your ideal weight

You see the beautiful woman in the picture below? This is Lizzo! And we have way more in common than you think!

Eating addiction (not food addiction)

In this episode I talk about why food is a solution to the problem and not “the” problem. Karlygash calls in to share some positive insights and changes that she’s making. Josh realizes he’s being haunted by the past, when he was teased for being skinny. We discuss the difference between food addiction and eating addiction. You’re definitely going to wanna check out this episode!

5 new rules about exercise that might surprise you

See the look on this guy’s face? That’s how I feel about the gym. I hate going to the gym. Even before the pandemic, I wasn’t a fan of the gym.

How to stop eating candy

I talk with Karlygash about why she’s eating cake and candy, and explore how she needs more sweetness in her life. Erin called to talk about her epiphany when it comes to wine and fun. I shared how being overly focused on productivity gets in the way of enjoying life, and why happiness can be scary. What does this have to do with food? Watch and learn!
Two people in profile Or a vase

4 mindset hacks that will change your life

What do you see in the picture? Two people in profile? Or a vase?

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