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Pandemic burn out, trauma, and love

Did you learn a new language during the pandemic? Did you totally re-organize your house and write a book? If not, you’re not alone. Today, I talk about pandemic burnout and how it affects us. Josh calls with questions about fear of success, Which leads to a conversation about our relationship to ourselves, to food, and more!

Fearlessly Authentic with Jodi Harrison Bauer

Today I had the pleasure of talking with Jodi Harrison Bauer (@jodiharrisonbauer), who’s living proof that age cannot define you. Jodi is the oldest woman to ever be a finalist for the Iconic Sports Illustrated swim issue. As a two-time world bikini champion, owner of JodiFit fitness studio, and host of the Fearlessly Authentic podcast, She knows it’s never too late to get healthy, find love, change careers, or have the life you want. We talked about taking risks, not yourself by a number, whether it’s age or the number on the scale, and how to stay motivated, plus much more!

Sugar Addiction, Mental Health, Self Esteem & Michelangelo

Sugar addiction is NOT a thing! Learn why!I talk with Josh about the recent shooting in Boulder and the impact on him and on us as a society. I explain why our relationship to ourselves is the most important relationship there is, and how that applies to what we eat and how we eat.

The Binge Cure, Anger, and Perfect Eating

I talk with Josh About some of the principles in my book, discuss my Food-Mood Formula, help Jenny express her anger, and challenge the notion of “perfect” eating.

Food, wine & prefrontal cortex

Today I finish my tips on how treating yourself like a dog can help you love yourself more (And there is my Great Dane Zane in the background). Nicole wants to know why she’s emotional eating all of a sudden and debunking more wine. Erin wonders about the relationship between emotional eating and issues with our prefrontal cortex. Hint: it’s more about our minds than our brains.

Intuitive eating, masks, dogs & Freud

I share how treating yourself like a dog leads to happiness and weight loss. Brian calls to ask how to deal with emotions during a pandemic and how to deal with people who don’t wear masks. Josh shares how helpful psychoanalysis has been to him and Kyleen asks how to deal with loss. I also share my thoughts on intuitive eating and answer other questions from listeners

Insomnia, Self-Care & Babyish Mothers

I share my thoughts on the psychological reasons for Sharon's insomnia, talk with Kristina about how to deal with retraumatization, and explore the puzzling case of Jenny's mother. Plus, I answer questions from members of my Dr. Nina's "Food for Thought" Facebook community.

Big thighs, scared boy & taking care of mom

Today I talk about my own story and history of eating disorder recovery. Josh calls to explore how his experience as a child impacted his relationship with food. Karlygash realizes she’s taking care of her mother instead of herself, and we look at how that impacts what she’s eating.

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