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Guest interview with Kelley Gunter

Today I have the pleasure of talking with Kelley Gunter, internationally acclaimed speaker, coach and bestselling author. She lost 243 pounds and thought she’d be happy. She was wrong. Discover Kelley’s journey to make peace with herself and with food. We cover shame, trauma, forgiveness, and more. Don’t miss this informative and inspirational interview!

The Wizard of Oz & Weight loss

Today I talk about how the characters of the Wizard of Oz can teach a lot about yourself and challenge your negative ideas about yourself. When you feel good about YOU it’s easier to make better food choices and lose weight. Josh shares his thoughts about this topic and he discusses how psychoanalysis can help. Sharon asks about the relationship between shame and food issues. We talk about throwing water on your inner witch and cultivating more of a Glinda the Good Witch response to yourself! You don’t want to miss this interesting episode!

5 ways to stop sabotaging your diet

Today I talk about the five ways you’re sabotaging your diet. Brian from Chicago calls with a question about why it’s so hard to see himself over zoom. Karlygash shares a win over pastry. I share way loving yourself is the key to healing your relationship with food and share how to do it!

If it's not one thing, it's your mother

Parents do the best they can given their own unique history and experiences. But, despite their best intentions, things don't always go well. Food is a substitute for love and for mothering.

Mothers & fathers & food, oh my!

I talk about the six kinds of mothers and how they impact your relationship with food. Karlygash discusses the meaning of her stomach ache and how it disguised her emotional pain. Josh realizes that his wish to stay small is connected to anxieties about being bigger and competing with his father. I also share strategies for how to comfort yourself when you’re upset instead of turning to food.

How to stop the diet-binge cycle

I answer Steven’s question about how to stop the diet-binge cycle. Josh calls with an update on his anxiety, and we explored how anxiety can mask sadness and depression. We explored the notion of masculinity and how it impacts body image and relationship to self. Karlygash called with an update about her situation, and we discussed toxic hope, examined how it keeps us stuck. I shared how to create change. Remember there is always HOPE!!

How to deal with anxiety

I share a simple shift to help you feel more motivated to take care of yourself, and highlight some words to eliminate from your vocabulary so that you gain confidence and are more likely to lose weight. Josh shares his anxiety about an upcoming situation, and I gave him the strategy to deal with anxiety.

What’s eating at you?

Today I talk with Josh about how eating sometimes serves to numb emotions, how the past informs expectations of the present, and why "being positive" is NOT always a great idea. I also share why your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship, and how the way you are with yourself impacts every part of your life including food.

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