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how to survive the holidays

How To Survive The Holidays

I created this holiday survival guide to make this year different. First, I’ll explain why dieting during the holidays is a terrible idea.

What drives binge eating?

Identify what is “driving” the behavior of binge eating and I’ll show you the two crucial steps to change, that you can implement right away.

Why positive thinking makes bingeing worse

When we constantly focus on trying to feel positive and suppressing emotions we label as negative, this can end up making us feel even worse.
stop a binge in 30 seconds

How to stop a binge in 30 seconds

To stop a binge in 30 seconds, you have to calm your body and center your mind. When you stop emotions from escalating you can focus on what’s eating ‘at” you instead of on what you’re eating.


Depression & Binge Eating-How they’re linked and what you can do about it [Podcast]

Ever been depressed after a binge episode? Or maybe you're depressed so you binge for comfort. There’s definitely a link between...

Holiday Survival Guide [Podcast]

In this episode, I share how to get through the holidays without gaining weight or losing your mind. I give strategies on...

Why Positive Thinking makes Bingeing Worse [Podcast]

Do you tell yourself to look on the bright side? Do you try to stay positive at all times? This can actually lead to bingeing...

How to Stop a Binge in 30 Seconds [Podcast]

Bingeing always serves a purpose. If you’re anxious or worried, bingeing can be a way to calm down. Today I share four strategies to...

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Concerned about holiday weight gain?

Here's your solution to get through the holidays without gaining weight or without losing your peace of mind.

Download the Holiday Survival Guide now!

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If you’re a woman struggling with binge eating, this is for you!

Discover An Approach That’s Simple And Has Nothing To Do With Controlling Yourself, Food Addiction, Or Discipline.

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