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night eating syndrome lesser-known eating disorders

Exploring the Lesser-Known Eating Disorders

Discover the different types and symptoms of lesser-known eating disorders that often go unnoticed. Recognize the warning signs & find the right treatment.
art of self compassion

Master the Art of Self-Compassion

Discover the Art of Self-Compassion and break free from negative self-talk and emotional eating. Transform your life today with key steps to cultivate self-comp...
control over food

How To Have More Control Over Food

Transform your relationship with food and your body with expert guidance. Take control over food and achieve lasting health and happiness.

How Self-Care Can Transform Your Life

Gain a deeper understanding of self-care as we dispel common myths, misconceptions, and examples surrounding the topic.


Episode 342: Beyond the Binge

Out of control with food? Lack willpower? Think you're a food addict? You may have Binge Eating Disorder, the most prevalent yet misunderstood type of eating di...

9 ways to turn self-criticism into compassion [Podcast]

Are you fed up with the constant battle around food and weight? Are you always putting yourself down and being hyper-critical? When that little voice inside our...

How to Take Back Control [Podcast]

Do you feel as if you have no control over food? Maybe you make promises to yourself every day, vowing to “be good” with eating, and sometimes you do well f...

5 Myths about Self-Care [Podcast]

Do you struggle to prioritize your own needs and wants? Do you feel selfish when you want to take time for yourself? If so, you may need a refresher on why self...

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