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redefining self-worth beyond weight

Breaking Free from the Scale: Redefining Self-Worth Beyond Weight

You can also liberate yourself from binge eating, stress eating, or any kind of emotional eating. Liberation is freedom.
independence from emotional eating

Taking Back Control: Declare Independence from Emotional Eating

You can also liberate yourself from binge eating, stress eating, or any kind of emotional eating. Liberation is freedom.

The Over-responsibility Overload: How Helping Too Much Leads to Binge Eating

Explore how over-responsibility, linked to perfectionism and people-pleasing, can lead to stress and binge eating, while improving your welll-being.

Breaking Free from the ‘Not Good Enough” Mindset

Overcome the 'Not Good Enough' mindset with our practical guide. Gain confidence, promote positivity, and banish self-doubt.


Episode 348: Transforming Pain into Power: Overcoming Binge Eating by Healing Trauma [Podcast]

There is a strong connection between trauma and binge eating disorder. Studies show that over 50% of people with binge eating disorder report a history of traum...

Episode 347: The Shy Person's Guide to Overcoming Binge Eating and Embracing Confidence [Podcast]

Do you ever feel self-conscious eating in public? Maybe you worry people are silently judging your food choices or your weight. Discover the connection between ...

Episode 344: How to Find Food Freedom [Podcast]

The average woman has tried 61 diets by the time she’s 45, and ended up eleven pounds heavier. Diets don’t work in the long run–so what does? Discover how...

Episode 343: Get ready to be inspired! [Podcast]

She went from searching for food in the garbage can to living a life of gratitude free from binge eating and restricting. Bracha Goetz, the author of a memoir a...

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