10 ways to feel better about your body – even if you’re not at your ideal weight

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You see the beautiful woman in the picture below? This is Lizzo! And we have way more in common than you think!

I just watched Lizzo on David Letterman’s new show. It was a great interview! If you haven’t seen it, definitely check it out!

Lizzo wears leotards and she OWNS the stage like nobody else. When people talk negatively about her body, here’s how she responds:

She calls herself a “bad b***!”  I don’t know how many women of size out there are running around in leotards calling themselves a bad b***. But Lizzo sure is!

Not only is she confident in her own skin, but she also wants to improve herself and be the best version of herself she can be. 

Lizzo is bold and confident. She is freaking amazing.

But how does this relate to me? How does this relate to you?

People are constantly trying to put me in a box, too. They say I’d look more “professional” if I wore conservative suits and glasses and looked less glam.

I can’t be smart, professional, competent AND stylish? Says who?!

Lizzo is what a rock star looks like. And I’m what psychoanalysis looks like.

Now, check out these 10 inspirational tips that'll make you just as confident as me and Lizzo!

#1 Loving your body only when it’s in perfect shape is like only loving your kids when they behave perfectly.

Love is unconditional. And that includes your love, appreciation and care for YOU.

#2 Your dress size is no more important than your shoe size.

Believe it or not, there was a time in China when foot-binding was a status symbol. The smaller the foot, the greater the beauty. Hopefully, people will look back in the future and think that our desperate drive to be thin is just as crazy as foot-binding!

#3 Babies aren’t born disliking their bodies.

Babies and toddlers have zero judgment on their bodies. When’s the last time you heard a toddler making fun of her body? In the history of all time, no baby ever said, “I feel fat.” And either should you!

Here’s the good news: What you learn can be unlearned. So try focusing on what you LIKE about yourself instead.

#4 No one’s ever hated themselves into loving themselves.

Criticizing your body will never lead to self-esteem. Stop bullying yourself. Encouraging, supporting and being kind is the key to feeling good. And when you feel good, you won’t eat for comfort!

#5 “If you talked to your friends the way you talk to your body, you’d have no friends left.” ~Marcia Hutchinson

Yep. This pretty much sums it up.

#6 Be beautiful like you. Not beautiful like someone else.

Appreciate your unique beauty (inside and out) and don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Comparison is the thief of joy. Loving yourself is the key to joy!

#7 Sexy is not a size.

Ain’t that the truth! Sexy is an attitude that makes you desirable, appealing, exciting and interesting. Not a number on the scale!

#8 Take care of your body. It’s where you live.

Don’t wait until you’re thinner, stronger, tighter or lighter to appreciate your body. Instead, take care of your body just as you would all your most important stuff. Your body is your most valuable “home” and it needs your TLC.

#9 Appreciate all that your body can do.

Your body can give life and take you through life. Whether playing with kids, going on vacation, enjoying a walk, or going wherever you want to go (except these days), realize that your body is pretty amazing.

#10 Promise yourself today to stop letting the size of your jeans or the number on the scale dictate how you feel about yourself.

Think about your best friend or someone you love. Would you like them more if they lost weight? No? Then what makes you think you’ll feel better about yourself for the same reason? The bathroom scale is a piece of plastic and metal. Don’t give it so much power over you. Instead, think about why people love you. Is it your fabulous sense of humor? Your amazing hugs (even over Zoom)? Your creativity? Generosity? Kindness to animals? There’s so much more to you than the number on the scale!!!

Which of these tips speak most to you, and why?  Comment below!