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How to get through Thanksgiving without gaining weight

How To Get Through Thanksgiving Without Gaining Weight

I share tips on how to get through the holidays without gaining weight. The connection between bingeing and loneliness.
Bingeing & Post-Election Anxiety

Bingeing & Post-Election Anxiety

I shared how to get through post-election anxiety without stress eating. Plus, something makes me cry during this show—not once, but twice.
Doughnuts, Normal Eating, Dreams

Doughnuts, Normal Eating, Dreams

Get the answer to one of the most popular questions, “Why do I crave donuts?” Hint: it’s not about willpower.
Is it too late to have the body I want

Is it too late to have the body I want?

It’s never too late to change your eating habits. Dr. Nina shares how to lose weight when you get older and how to stop feeling stuck
How to Stop Emotional Eating

How to Stop Emotional Eating [Podcast]

Tips & strategies on how to stop emotional eating. Perfectionism and talks about goals, the ladder of life, and psychoanalysis.
Breaking Bad Patterns & Burritos

Breaking Bad Patterns & Burritos

Dr. Nina talks about how to break bad patterns with emotions, especially anxiety. Stop counting calories, carbs, and fat grams.
What is the matter with Donald Trump

What is the matter with Donald Trump?

Dr. Nina shares her thoughts with you on some of what she wrote in her essay, "What is the Matter with Donald Trump?"
Helplessness, Cheerios & Overwhelming Emotions

How Does Someone Deal With Overwhelming Emotions, Helplessness, and Cheerios

Dr. Nina talks about unconsciously turning over life into helplessness over Cheerios. Discuss how to manage anxiety & overwhelming emotions.

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