Shop ‘Til You Pop

15-ShopTilYouPopShop 'til You POP

Do you shop ‘til you drop?  Eat ‘til you’re about to pop?

Do you overspend as well as overeat?  If so, maybe there’s a connection between how you’re spending money, and what’s going on with food.

In this episode, Dr. Nina explains the similarity between  food binges and shopping binges . She highlights three specific conflicts that  over shopping and overeating help to manage – in the short run.

If you’re empty and lonely, no amount of things or food will fill that void.  If you’re struggling with conflicts about independence or abundance, shopping and eating only provide a temporary distraction.  If you don’t feel comfortable with yourself, clothes, make-up, and hair products won’t make you feel better about yourself – and food won’t make you feel better, either.

In order to win the diet war, remember the battleground isn’t shopping and it isn’t eating. It’s your relationship to yourself.  When you fight through and resolve those conflicts, they go away.  And that’s how you make peace with food.

Listen to the full episode for more on this topic!

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