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How to deal with body shamers

How to deal with body shamers

Summary In today’s show I answer Diane‘s question about eating whatever she wants and how to navigate that. I share how to accept your body… Transcript Dr...
5 New Years Resolutions You've Never Heard Before

5 New Years Resolutions You’ve Never Heard Before

Transcript Irreverent, entertaining, cool. You're listening to LA Talk Radio. You're listening to the Dr. Nina show, with Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin, only on LA T...
5 new rules about exercise

5 New Rules About Exercise

Exercise isn’t about torturing yourself. It’s about having fun, being healthy, and feeling good. In today’s show, I share five new rules...
Don’t set yourself on fire to keep someone else warm!

Don’t Set Yourself On Fire To Keep Someone Else Warm!

Transcript Speaker 1:Irreverent, entertaining, cool, you're listening to LA Talk Radio. Speaker 2:You're listening to the Dr. Nina Show with Dr. Nina Savelle-Ro...

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