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3 Mind-calming Techniques For Self-soothing

Food isn’t an effective way to deal with difficult situations. There are various mind-calming techniques that can help you to relax instead.

How to tell if you need help with emotional eating

The sisters were fighting and things got very intense. Jenna didn’t consciously think about the strained relationship with her sister.

Why Diets Have Failed You – Breaking Free from Emotional Eating

You may feel that you’re a diet failure. But it should never be seen this way. There’s a reason for the yo-yo diet cycle.
Wizard of Weight Loss

Wizard of Weight Loss

An orphan girl named Dorothy lives with her aunt, uncle, and dog Toto, in Kansas. When a nasty neighbor threatens Toto, Dorothy runs away with Toto. They’re swept up in a tornado and land in Oz.


Trying to stop bingeing? [Podcast]

If you’re trying to stop bingeing, stop gaining weight, stop procrastinating, or stop anything… Maybe you’re trying too hard.

What's weighing on you? [Podcast]

I share the real reasons we turn to food. Spoiler alert: It’s not about control. It’s not about willpower. It’s not even about food...

Why we binge eat [Podcast]

Today I talk about the different ways that bingeing can help other than comforting us. It can express a wish for more...

Why food addiction isn't real [Podcast]

Today I cover some reasons why food addiction is a fallacy, even if it “feels” real. Josh calls with questions about food and relationship...

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