3 Mental Blocks To Weight Loss

What are the biggest culprits when it comes to sabotaging your weight loss?
The first is a fear:

What if I change when I'm thin?

You might be thinking, “Of course I want to change”

But consider this:  Some years ago I treated a young girl who was over 100 pounds overweight.

I’ll never forget the day she told me she was terrified to lose weight.  She thought she'd somehow become a different person and not be herself.

She said, “I don’t know who I’ll be if I lose this weight, but I don’t think I’ll be as huggable.”

For this girl, losing weight meant losing herself and becoming someone else.   Her identity was bound up in her size.  If this sounds familiar, consider what makes you unique.  Are you afraid you may lose those qualities by losing weight?

Or, are you afraid you'll become someone else?  I've heard people say they're afraid they'll leave their husbands or quit their jobs,  or do something impulsive or become selfish or bitchy if they lost weight.

On the other side of the coin is the second block:

When I lose weight, my life will be absolutely perfect

People often say, “When I lose weight I'll be confident, happy and everyone will love me.”

That's quite a compelling illusion but it is indeed an illusion.  You will not be a different person when you lose weight.

You will be you, only in a smaller, possibly healthier body.  Your essential personality will not change.

You cannot change who you are by changing your physical appearance.  on some level you know this, and may not want to give up that illusion.

The third mental block to weight loss is:

It's hopeless.  Nothing is ever going to change.  

Hopelessness registers as a painful, dark, and depressed feeling, which makes you vulnerable to using food to escape.

None of us has a crystal ball to predict the future.  All we have is the past and the present.  Practice being in the here and now, and you may feel better and more hopeful.  When you feel better, you’re less likely to use food to cope.

Which of these blocks resonates with you?   When you challenge your thinking, you create new thoughts, which lead to feeling better.  When you feel better, you're less likely to use food to numb, distract or express painful and/or upsetting states.

And that's how you win the diet war.


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