The ‘F’ Word:

the f word and your weightIn this episode, Dr. Nina discusses the “F” word: feelings.

Ever notice how our culture tells us there’s something wrong with feelings?

Angry?  You have an anger management problem.

Sad?  You’re depressed, take an anti-depressant.

Anxious?  There’s a pill for that, too.

Scared?  Be strong!  Fight!  Don’t give in to fear!

No wonder so many of us have a hard time recognizing that emotions, needs, desires and reactions are part of being human, not a defect.  A feeling is a reaction to a situation, not a reflection of your character.

When you can’t identify, process or cope with uncomfortable or intolerable feelings, because the mere existence of those feelings is viewed as weak, or wrong, you may turn to other things, like food, to deal with those feelings.

Dr. Nina explores feelings of anger, sadness, anxiety, guilt, shame, loneliness and happiness.  She helps listeners identify, gauge, and learn to process these emotions so they are less likely to turn to food to cope.

The next time you head for the kitchen, or the drive-through, ask yourself:  what am I feeling?  Am I angry, sad, anxious, guilty, ashamed or lonely?  Am I afraid that if I feel too happy, something bad will happen?  What’s going on?

When you’re curious about yourself, instead of critical, you’re more likely to figure out what you’re feeling, and to begin responding to yourself with words, instead of with food.

Listen to the episode for more on this topic!