How To Accept Yourself

Do you want to learn how to accept yourself and feel better?  Then I have another question for you:  When you hear, “accept yourself” what “self” do you think of first?  The one in the mirror?   Because there is so much more to you than meets the eye.

Recently I found some of my old journals from high school (so embarrassing) – because every page of every journal was about my weight.

I thought if I reached some magical number on the scale, then life was going to be perfect.

I believed I could change the way I felt about myself by changing my appearance.  And I was wrong – I was so wrong!

I had to figure out what was eating “at” me, instead of focusing on food.

I had to learn that if something’s bothering you, you can’t starve it away or stuff it down.

And I had to learn that you cannot measure your true value and self-worth on a bathroom scale.

I bet none of you have ever said that you love your friends because they are so…. thin.

Of course not.  You love your friends because they’re nice, they’re fun, funny they’re supportive, warm, great people.   They’re great people.  And so are you.

Every day, I help people win the diet war by making peace with themselves.  That’s the key to self-acceptance.

Remember, there’s a whole range of qualities that make you the unique person you are.

Yes, you have a physical part of you.  But you also have intellectual, emotional, creative, relational, maybe spiritual parts of you.

So I challenge you to identify, embrace and nurture all these parts of yourself, because they all need your attention and appreciation!!

When you recognize, acknowledge and accept yourself, your whole self, you will feel better, and you will feel better about yourself.

Guess what?  When that happens, you're not going to use food to numb, escape or cope.  Because why would you want to escape a sense of self-regard and self-acceptance?

And that's how you win the diet war!

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