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10 ways to feel better about your body

10 ways to feel better about your body – even if you’re not at your ideal weight

You see the beautiful woman in the picture below? This is Lizzo! And we have way more in common than you think! I just watched Lizzo on David Letterman’s new ...
Eating addiction (not food addiction)

Eating addiction (not food addiction)

Transcript Speaker 1:Irreverent. Entertaining. Cool. You're listening to LA Talk Radio. You're listening to the Dr. Nina Show with Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin, onl...
5 new rules about exercise that might surprise you

5 New Rules About Exercise That Might Surprise You

See the look on this guy’s face? That’s how I feel about the gym. I hate going to the gym. Even before the pandemic, I wasn’t a fan of the gym.  Like...
How to stop eating candy

How to stop eating candy [Podcast]

Summary I talk with Karlygash about why she’s eating cake and candy, and explore how she needs more sweetness in her life. Erin called to talk about her epiph...

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