Be a Diet Wiz

12-BeADietWhizBe A Diet Wiz

Do you think you should be smarter, more compassionate or take more risks? Do you keep parts of yourself hidden from friends or family? If so, maybe you need to go on a diet, a different kind of diet, D.I.E.T. which stands for:

Deal In Empathy & Truth.

In this episode, Dr. Nina  correlates the struggles faced by characters in The Wizard Of Oz to common dilemmas that listeners confront in their daily lives.

Each film character deals with concerns that pertain to the present-day difficulties of many people. When people identify and work through those conflicts, they are less likely to turn to food to resolve them.

Dr. Nina says, “The characters from The Wizard Of Oz can teach you a lot about yourself and help challenge the negative ideas you have about yourself.  When you feel better, it’s easier to make better food choices and lose weight.”

She illustrates how some characters, such as the wicked witch, signify the internal critic that we must defeat.  Other characters don’t see themselves as they are, or fail to appreciate themselves, which correlates to the problems in self-confidence that many listeners may face.  She describes the various ways that self-esteem issues are correlated to overeating.

As Dr. Nina puts it, “When you feel as if you’re not good enough, that’s painful and upsetting, and you’re more likely to use food for comfort and distraction.”

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