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Less struggling and more living.

You dream of living a more extraordinary life but place limits on yourself because of how you feel about your weight or appearance.

You’re tired of hiding from the camera, being the one who’s always snapping the family photos or positioning yourself just out of frame because you can’t stand having your picture taken.

And you just wish you could get dressed for a night out without rejecting every single outfit in your closet then calling your friends and faking illness because nothing looks or feels right.

If you feel like you’ve got a firm grasp on pretty much every other aspect of your life but lose control when it comes to food, I can help.

Group Coaching

Inner Circle Program

I’m excited to offer you an opportunity to work with me privately over 12 weeks. The Inner Circle Program is an exclusive 12-week coaching program limited to just four women, and I only do this four times a year.

This for women who NEVER want to worry about obsessing over food again, AND successfully lose weight without counting calories, carbs, or fat grams.

You will learn the same strategies that helped many of my clients:

  • stop feeling guilty about every bite they eat
  • be totally comfortable taking photos (and seeing photos of themselves)
  • raise their kids with a different mindset around food and body image
  • go out to dinner without stress
  • feel confident attending social events
  • stop the shame of so-called food addiction
And for me personally, these are the very strategies that helped me:

  • eat only when I’m hungry
  • have the total freedom to think about other things in my life
  • enjoy my life without giving food a second thought
This program is so transformative that every woman who enrolled in the beta group signed up for another 6 months.

Here’s what members are saying:

After a lifetime of struggling with my weight, of trying countless diets, losing and regaining the equivalent of whole people in the process, I finally found Dr. Nina. In just 12 weeks, I learned so many practical and effective strategies to change the way I talked to myself, how I treated myself, and how I responded to myself when things got hard.

Now I understand what drove me to binge eating, how to let myself safely feel my feelings so that I no longer have to numb them, shove them down, or distract myself from them.

I am finally becoming a friend to myself instead of my own worst enemy. This program is life-altering, and I’m forever grateful I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Nina and the amazing people in our inner circle group.

— Carol van Zalingen

It’s life-changing. You deal with issues and things that are keeping you from living life to its fullest being your best self. And I think that’s a big thing that this program has allowed me.

I’m in the process of living my best life and truly being the best version of myself possible. I started seeing changes in the very first week.

Throughout it you learn something new every single week session, but after that very first session, there were things that I started implementing. I picked up a whole new outlook.

— Andreja A.

I’ve definitely noticed that I just don’t want things anymore. It happened this morning–I made something and normally I would eat half of what I made, but I had one and I was full.

In doing this program and dealing with what’s eating at you, I’m starting to just eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, not for emotional reasons, not using food to cope in some way or to distract you or to numb you or to comfort you. And, if I do grab something, I ask myself, what’s eating at you? Is there something eating at you? It’s not just knowledge, it’s something that you can put into action instead of using food. And it helps to hear from everyone in the group and realize that you’re not alone.

— Kyleen Stoebenau

Success leaves clues. The reason why these women experienced this kind of transformation is they invested in themselves.
The investment is just $4950 for twelve weeks (Limited to only FOUR people).

What’s included:

  • Personal attention from me. Each session I spend 15-20 minutes talking directly with you. I assess and provide feedback and guidance on your specific situation and give you action steps to create change.
  • You’ll get clarity on what to do differently, tailored to your unique problems with food
  • Twelve 90-minute Video Calls with me and 3 other like-minded women.
  • You get to join a community of like-minded people (in the last group we had women from Canada to
  • Southern California to Pennsylvania, from all different walks of life, who now feel bonded for life)!
  • 24/7 access to a private FB community just for your group
  • Lifetime access to my KICK THE DIET HABIT online program
  • All formats (paperback, ebook and audiobook) of my newest book The Binge Cure: 7 Steps to Outsmart
  • Emotional Eating
  • Each week we craft a plan for you to address the HIDDEN triggers that hold you back, so you can break free from binge eating without ever worrying about willpower, dieting or going to the gym

If you’re ONE of the selected, you’ll also get:

  1. One 50-minute Private Session with me prior to Group Coaching ($350 Value)
  2. TEN EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS. I put together ten videos to help you on your journey. They will give you the self-confidence to go through anything without turning to food!
If you’re ready to transform your life, let’s do this!

Again, I am ONLY accepting 4 people.

How Andrea stopped binge eating and discovered a new to respond to herself after only 5 weeks of working with Dr. Nina

 Want to work 1-on-1 with Dr. Nina?

Apply for The Inner Circle Program down below and see if it’s the right fit. Spots are super limited.

Binge-Free Babes Project

If you currently feel like you can’t eat your “not allowed foods” without having a full-blown binge…

Or you just feel like you can’t control yourself around food…

There is hope. You can still live a life of joy, peace, and freedom – with no judgment or critical inner voice…

And NO Binge Eating!

It’s easy to use food for comfort, but it’s not a sustainable way to go through life.

If you’re struggling with…

  • Shameful binge eating
  • Compulsive stress eating
  • Excess weight
  • Feelings of helplessness
  • Body image issues
  • Fear, anxiety or insecurity
  • Depression
  • Past wounds & trauma
  • Constant stress and worry
  • Or you’re almost ready to give up…

Life quickly gets exhausting.

Which can leave you feeling defeated as soon as you wake up like you’re stuck in a deep, painful rut. 

In my 18 years of helping people overcome their disordered eating, body image issues, and emotional barriers…

I quickly found that connecting with others was one of the key reasons for…

People Making
Life-Changing Transformations!

That’s why I partnered with author Kelley Gunter, It’s actually one of my favorite people – Kelley Gunter.

Kelley is the successful author of “You Have Such a Pretty Face.”

It’s her memoir detailing the emotional story of her 243-pound weight loss journey followed by bariatric surgery.

It’s not about the weight loss per se… 

Or that Kelley used to be 391 pounds…

It’s more so about how she dealt with trauma all her life such as…

  • Being sexually abused as a child in her own home
  • Hearing teasing nicknames all throughout school
  • Being judged and shamed by coworkers and supervisors in her career
  • Having constant feelings of despair and meaningless
  • Suffering in her personal relationships and love life
  • Going through the challenge of weight-loss surgery
  • Experiencing life-threatening complications
  • Having her body temporarily disabled

… And coming out of this stronger and happier than ever.

I’m extremely proud and happy to partner with her and launch the exclusive Binge-Free Babes Project – a premium “hybrid” group coaching!

Here is a quick rundown of what is included:

  • Weekly livestreams with live Q&A’s (Replays are always available)
  • Direct access to me and Kelley!
  • Regular chances to win a FREE 1-1 coaching session with me and Kelley (two new winners every month!) 
  • Completely done for you “handouts” to eliminate the guesswork – including proven action plans, workbooks, and checklists you can easily apply and follow (no more thinking twice if you’re taking the necessary steps or doing the right tasks)
  • “Closed doors” private community with a priceless support group and like-minded loving people (A rare opportunity to connect with others who are going through the same thing as you)

We’d like to welcome you to a warm and safe place where you can not only connect and get direct help from me and Kelley…..

….But begin the journey of a lifetime towards peace, joy, and freedom.

And allow yourself to take the right necessary steps to actually change your thoughts, habits, and your life. 

Want to know more? Click here

One-to-One Support

Psychoanalysis & Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy 

Over the years I’ve explained the difference between psychotherapy (or therapy as we’ve come to call it) and psychoanalysis to prospective clients in many different ways until a past patient gave me this great analogy: “I’ve done therapy, but that is nothing compared to what you do. Therapy is like snorkeling; you just put your head down and bob around under the surface a bit and see more interesting things. But this is like deep-sea diving; we go really deep below the surface, shine a light on what’s hiding in the darkness, then come up slowly without getting the bends.”

Here’s the thing: when we go really deep under the surface and shine a light on those dark places, we illuminate the true issues or conflicts that are leading to whatever is going on with food – which is a ‘symptom’ of the problem, even though it feels like ‘the’ problem.

Psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic treatment can help you:

• Spot and predict the circumstances that make you want to turn to food and form strategies for dealing with your triggers when they arise

• Release obsessive behaviors like counting calories, fat and carb grams and weighing your food so you can enjoy food in a way you may not have done before

• Let go of limiting beliefs about your body, weight and dieting that no longer serve you

As a psychoanalyst with personal experience of disordered eating, I have a unique understanding of what it’s like to struggle with weight, food and body image issues.

Reaching out to a therapist for the first time is a big step. It takes a lot of courage to acknowledge your challenges and seek out help, but once you do we’ll talk, get to know each other a little, and when you feel comfortable moving forward, you can make an appointment. All sessions take place in person at my practice offices in the Los Angeles area.

What to expect from your first session: At your first session you’ll be asked to arrive a little early to complete a self-assessment outlining what has brought you to therapy. Your answers to these questions will form the basis of our discussion during your first session, but we’ll also talk more about what you hope to achieve from the therapeutic process as a whole. There is no firm guideline on how long therapy should last; each and every patient is different and the number of sessions you undertake will vary depending on your individual needs.

Session Times & Fees:
A 60-minute session with me is priced at $300-450.
30-minute sessions are also available, priced between $150-$225.

Private Coaching

The 12 week program I developed for the Inner Circle Coaching Program is also available on an individual basis. You get the same curriculum but with my undivided attention and focus.

What’s included:

  • Personal attention from me. Each 50-minute session I assess and provide feedback and guidance on your specific situation and give you action steps to create change.
  • You’ll get clarity on what to do differently, tailored to your unique problems with food
  • Twelve personalized sessions with just the two of us
  • Lifetime access to my KICK THE DIET HABIT online program
  • All formats (paperback, ebook and audiobook) of my newest book The Binge Cure: 7 Steps to Outsmart Emotional Eating
  • A specific plan for you to address the HIDDEN triggers that hold you back, so you can break free from binge eating without ever worrying about willpower, dieting or going to the gym

Online Program

Kick The Diet Habit

Not looking for individual therapy? You can still benefit from my expertise.

I developed the Kick The Diet Habit program to help you stop dieting for good.

I give you specific strategies, guidelines and step-by-step actions on exactly how to do this.

Imagine life if you were not obsessing over food and second-guessing every bite? This program helps you lose weight naturally, without dieting or deprivation. This 30 day program will help you identify and change what is weighing “on” you instead of focusing on what you weigh. When you stop dieting, you truly start living.

Dr. Nina, 26lbs (down) and counting. You change lives!

— KH Phillips

Never have I seen so many outstanding dieting/self-esteem videos from one person. I am extremely impressed and I’ve view lots of them.

Thanks again!

— Debbie

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