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This book changed my life after decades of binge eating!
By Carol van Zalingen on January 5, 2020
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Dr. Nina’s book truly changed my life. Not because it was a “new diet” to try, but because it targeted the roots of why I’d been binge-eating all my life and then gave me useful, practical tools I could implement immediately to begin changing how I respond to situations, and ultimately, how I relate to and respond to myself.

I learned from her book that food was never the problem for me – it was the solution I learned at an early age for soothing myself or distracting myself or numbing myself when I had feelings I didn’t know how to process because I’d never learned how to process my feelings.

I learned that I had developed a habit of relating to myself in the way that I had been treated as a child. When my parents dismissed my feelings, I learned that my feelings were not important and didn’t deserve my attention. Dr. Nina’s book taught me how to improve my relationship with myself so that instead of beating myself up every time I binged or failed to stay on a diet, I instead became more compassionate and curious instead of hyper critical.

I learned to be supportive and understanding towards myself, and I learned that this book doesn’t just cure binge-eating – it improves every aspect of one’s life because once we repair our relationships with ourselves and can show up and be present and compassionate with and for ourselves, then a world of possibilities opens up that we never even dreamed existed before because we were so focused on how many calories were in something or what we were going to binge on next.

It’s the most liberating book, and I am profoundly grateful Dr. Nina wrote it. I also highly recommend listening to the Dr. Nina Show on LA Talk Radio or catching her pod cast of the show – it’s well-worth your time and reinforces everything you will learn from reading her book.

End the Dieting
By Iris ruth pastor December 28, 2019
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This book is an absolute blue print to stop the dieting and the obsession with the scale. Dr. Nina gives good solid advice anyone can follow and step by step explains how emotional eating is the culprit that must be recognized and dealt with. This book is a keeper!

A guide to end failure
By Andrea Kobliner on September 14, 2019
Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

I, like millions of others, have a long history of diet failures, binge eating and chronic frustration with my inability to control my dysfunctional eating habits. This is the first book I have ever read that makes sense of this yo-yo dieting madness. After reading Dr. Nina’s book I truly understand why I have failed, and how now to succeed in meeting my health and image goals. This is not just another fad diet book. Instead, it is an exemplary guidebook that takes us on a journey to explore our perceptions, feelings, emotions and behaviors that drive destructive eating habits. The poignant patient examples, along with Dr. Nina’s compassion, proven strategies and exercises will definitely help readers, once and for all, stop failing and find peace with themselves and food. Read more reviews…

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