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Ever wonder why most New Year's resolutions fail? [Podcast]

"Have you ever wondered why most New Year's resolutions fail? there's a simple reason: girls are often about behavior and what's wrong...

Ever Wonder Why Most New Years Resolutions Fail?

Have you ever wondered why most New Years Resolutions fail? There is one simple reason. They are about things we see as wrong with ourselves.

How to stop binge eating [Podcast]

In this episode I give tips on how to stop binge eating. I share actionable strategies in the short-term and also how to make long-term..

3 Mind-calming Techniques For Self-soothing

Food isn’t an effective way to deal with difficult situations. There are various mind-calming techniques that can help you to relax instead.

How to comfort yourself without eating [Podcast]

I provide the exact steps you need to comfort yourself without food. Josh shares that he's been trying to deal with despair by either...

Feelings, Fat Days, Fear of Success & Forgiveness [Podcast]

I talk about how to handle "fat days" and why food is a solution to the problem and is actually not the problem. Josh realizes he's...

How to get through the holidays without gaining weight [Podcast]

Ever wonder how to deal with family members who shame you about your weight or judge what you're eating? I share strategies on how to...

From depression to contentment [Podcast]

In this show, I have the pleasure of welcoming my guest Dr. Bob Rich, psychologist and author of 19 books, including From Depression to...

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