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5 New Years Resolutions You've Never Heard Before

5 New Years Resolutions You’ve Never Heard Before

I share five New Year’s resolutions you’ve never heard before that I’ll get you off to a great start in 2021. Karlygash calls to share...
5 new rules about exercise

5 New Rules About Exercise

Exercise isn’t about torturing yourself. It’s about having fun, being healthy, and feeling good. In today’s show, I share five new rules...
Don’t set yourself on fire to keep someone else warm!

Don’t Set Yourself On Fire To Keep Someone Else Warm!

Today's episode is about letting yourself take care of YOU instead of giving up your needs, wants, and wishes just to make others happy...
Sorry, Not Sorry & Sabotage

Sorry, Not Sorry & Sabotage

Are you apologizing too much? In this episode, I talk about replacing “I’m sorry” with another phrase. I go over the many reasons for weight loss sabotage, and we also get a hopeful update from Karlygash!
I feel guilty when I eat

I feel guilty when I eat!

Feeling guilty about food? I talk about guilt with callers Karlygash, Nicole, and Kristina. Karlygash feels guilt over success. Nicole has conflicts with hunger. Kristina worries about dependency. We explore how this is tied to their conscious worries and food, weight, and body image. Listen now!
Sabotage, Anxiety & Lizzo1

Sabotage, Anxiety & Lizzo

I talk with Karlygash about how to stop sabotaging her food choices and be in the moment and discuss how to manage Covid travel-related anxiety with Kristina. I also share why I have a lot in common with Lizzo (yes, it’s really true!!) and give tips on how to feel confident about your body!
How to get through Thanksgiving without gaining weight

How To Get Through Thanksgiving Without Gaining Weight

I share tips on how to get through the holidays without gaining weight. The connection between bingeing and loneliness.
Bingeing & Post-Election Anxiety

Bingeing & Post-Election Anxiety

I talk with Karlygash about why she’s sabotaging her progress. I also share how to get through post-election anxiety without stress eating. Plus, something makes me cry during this show—not once, but twice. Check it out to see what brings me to tears, and see why feeling your feelings isn’t so scary!!

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