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Sugar detox and sugar addiction [Podcast]

What’s the truth about sugar addiction? Today I share what sugar addiction is and isn’t, and give new strategies to cope with those...
how to break a sugar addiction banner

How to Break a Sugar Addiction

There’s no such thing as sugar addiction. We actually cannot become physically addicted to sugar the way we can be addicted to alcohol or drugs.

What to do after a binge [Podcast]

Today I explain about why it’s okay to focus on yourself even if you feel guilty because of what’s happening in Ukraine. I give six steps on..

Naomi Joseph author of “Binge and Sprint” [Podcast]

Today I talk with Naomi Joseph, the author of the poignant, powerful, and humorous memoir “Binge and Sprint” that details her forty year...

Recovery from binge eating [Podcast]

I talk about why I don’t believe in recovery from eating disorders – because I believe in liberation! Liberation is true food freedom and...

I hate my stomach [Podcast]

In today's episode, I give tips on how to feel better about your body even if you don't like your weight. I also share different...

How to stop feeling guilty about eating [Podcast]

"I talk about guilt after eating, the different types of guilt and how to stop feeling guilty about what you're eating. Karlygash calls to...

Is Recovery From Binge Eating Possible?

I don’t believe in recovery from binge eating. I’m talking about ways to heal your relationship with food and yourself so you can enjoy life.

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