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5 Ways to Speak up for Yourself and Not Worry about What Other People Think [Podcast]

In today’s show, I give five tips on how to live life on your own terms and discuss how that relates to bingeing. That includes...

How often do you lose control over food?

I am going to show you exactly how to create permanent, sustainable weight loss. No dieting necessary. It’s never too late to change.

Anxiety & Binge Eating [Podcast]

Today I explore different types of anxiety, discuss why treating anxiety is important, and explain the relationship between anxiety and...

8 Myths about Binge Eating [Podcast]

Today I cover eight common myths about Binge Eating Disorder. Listener Jeanine calls with a question about why she can’t stop...
girl looking in the mirror

5 Ways to Speak up for Yourself and Not Worry About What Other People Think

When you start to speak up and not be so agreeable all the time, often at your own expense, some people may not like that.

What Triggers Binge Eating? [Podcast]

Here’s what a lot of people think triggers binge eating Carbs. Pizza, pasta, ice cream, chips, chocolate, or whatever you think you can’t...
common myths about binge eating

8 Common Myths About Binge Eating

Many of us have strong beliefs about binge eating that are actually myths. These may be the very limiting beliefs holding you back.

Freedom with food and fitness [Podcast]

Does freedom with food and fitness seem like an impossible dream? Meet my guest, Alana Van Der Sluys, who helps people make that dream...

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