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You can’t outrun the fork

Fitness expert Jodi Harrison Bauer joins me for an in-depth exploration of how to age without getting old. Jodi gives tips on...

Why am I eating so much cereal?

I talk with Brian from Chicago about how to handle his anger, anxiety, and resentment towards people who aren’t vaccinated...

What’s the root cause of binge eating?

I explore the root causes of binge eating, stress eating, and emotional eating. I share tips and strategies on how to be kinder to yourself and also how to deal with the food police. Josh calls with an exciting update. Be sure to watch this helpful episode!
feel good about your body

Dr. Nina, how do I feel good about my body when I hate my weight?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and said, “I hate my weight”? You might even wonder how you can feel good about your body.

How To Deal With Toxic People [Calls From Listeners]

How does the Food Mood Formula apply to eating when happy? How to handle anger and deal with toxic people?

Guest Dr. Maggie Landes

Dr. Maggie Landes, Physician and anti-diet wellness expert talks about why diets don’t work, intuitive eating, Health At Every Size...

Are you too hard on yourself?

Today I share seven ways you may be too hard on yourself and give some strategies on what to do instead. I talk about hopelessness and how it can be displaced in your life to food. Karlygash calls to discuss her fears about being authentic.

Diets have failed you!

Today I challenge the idea that we can fail at dieting and Instead suggest that diets have failed us. I share some examples of success...

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