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The Dark Side of Dieting [Podcast]

One study found that by the time the average woman is 45 years old she will have tried 61 different diets. Diets fail because they’re about...
why do i binge eat

Why Do I Binge Eat?

In this blog, I'll tell you what actually causes you to binge and how to create change. The reason for bingeing is predominantly psychological.
common mistakes binge eating at night

5 Common Mistakes about Bingeing at Night

Let’s look at some common mistaken beliefs when it comes to binge eating at night, as well as the truth about each of these misconceptions.

How to stop eating when bored [Podcast]

We all have our own idea of what binge eating is. Many of us blame food when we’re out of control with food. But the truth is...

How to Beat Bingeing Forever [Podcast]

Lots of us think bingeing is a forever thing. Why? Because we think we have a food problem or a food addiction, which is why it...
stop binge eating when bored

How to Stop Binge Eating When Bored?

In this blog, I will discuss why you eat when you're bored and how you can stop it and live a life without constant food thoughts.
deprivation can lead to binge eating

The Dark Side of Dieting: How Deprivation Can Lead to Binge Eating

When you're constantly feeling deprived, it's easy to give in to your cravings and end up bingeing on all the foods you’re trying not to eat.

3 Reasons You Binge Eat (and how to stop) [Podcast]

Do you eat when you’re bored? In this episode, I share how to figure out if it’s boredom, or something else. Prepare to be surprised...

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