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What is the matter with Donald Trump

What is the matter with Donald Trump?

Dr. Nina shares her thoughts with you on some of what she wrote in her essay, "What is the Matter with Donald Trump?"
Helplessness, Cheerios & Overwhelming Emotions

How Does Someone Deal With Overwhelming Emotions, Helplessness, and Cheerios

Dr. Nina talks about unconsciously turning over life into helplessness over Cheerios. Discuss how to manage anxiety & overwhelming emotions.
psychological reasons clutter

The Psychological Reasons For Clutter, Helplessness & Disappointment

Discover the psychological reasons for clutter & how it affects relationship with food. How to set limits with mothers who want to be babied.
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Why Do Mothers Use Food As A Reward And How To Deal With It

Find out how to stop using food as a reward and more. Discover how to deal with difficult mothers with little girls.

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